Kudos to Eva Doyle, MBA–an “informative and witty” leadership development speaker.

Testimonials related to Eva Doyle’s leadership speaking

Eva, I’d hire you to be our flag briefer. You listened to – and respected – my point of view while professionally representing your organization. And you were able to answer all my questions.


Office of Naval Intelligence

You took the mundane and made it fun.

Dr. S. S.

RAF base, UK

I like how you gave the presentation – you turned it into a story.

E. Q.

RAF Menwith Hill, UK


Thank you for your presentation. We all found it extremely informative and very witty.

Mayor K. F.

Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, UK

We scheduled Eva in the afternoon, because we knew she’d keep everyone awake!

Captain M. R.

USAF, European Technical Center Annual Conference, Wiesbaden, Germany

I don’t care what topic you’re presenting – I’ll be there.


Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, Australia

I walked into this mandatory presentation wondering how much I could miss and still get credit. I ended up rearranging my schedule so I could stay for the whole thing. That’s how effective Eva Doyle’s presentation style is.

Chief Technology Officer

RAF Menwith Hill, UK

I was leery of some of Eva Doyle’s suggestions, but I decided to try some things anyway. To my surprise, they worked. I’ll keep doing them. Thanks.

A.C., Manager

Technology Division, RAF Menwith Hill, UK

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Best boss I ever had.

P. T.

I know that moving to the open position in your department would involve a pay cut, but I want to work for you.

M. J.

Your work on this massive project and tight deadline surpassed my expectations. You pulled it off!

Captain J. T.

USN, Hawaii

What a difference you make.

Dr. R.M. Commandant, National Cryptologic School

Thanks for your leadership and helping us get the job done.


With your leadership, we can accomplish many things.

Dr. L.

Hawaii Learning Center

Thank you for reviewing my resume. You’re one of the few bosses I’ve ever had who added anything substantive. You remembered accomplishments that I had forgotten!


It’s been great working for you. I’m so glad you were my first boss.

High school work study, Hawaii

I would work for you again.


United States Air Force

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