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Don’t worry, Eva Doyle can help.

Let’s face it, when it comes to leadership, you probably don’t have a lot of great role models.

If you just stepped into a leadership role, you may be feeling:

  • Lost and inadequate
  • Frustrated beyond belief
  • Unsure of what is expected of you
  • Challenged by your new employees
  • Discouraged about earning respect and gaining influence

If you are a technical expert or emerging leader, how can you learn to be a respected leader?

How can you develop the leadership skills to become:

  • A leader who is truly effective?
  • A leader who listens to the ideas of others?
  • A leader who has gained the influence to get things done? 

Transforming from technical expert or emerging leader into an EXCEPTIONAL leader is a seismic shift.

To become an exceptional leader who is truly effective, you need clear, solid, grounded guidance. You need real-world insights and practical strategies. You need insight into the identity shift – the seismic shift in mindset – to view yourself as a leader, not simply a professional with a few more administrative duties. Making this identify shift is important if you want to put forth ideas that get heard.

Being an effective leader is not easy. Yet it’s possible.

When you step into a leadership role, you’re taking on a huge challenge. Good for you! It’s no secret that leadership can be demanding, whether you’re a team lead in a highly technical organization or a manager being groomed for the C-suite. (Don’t laugh – it could happen!) But leadership does have its rewards: more control, more influence, more contribution.

Eva Doyle, MBA is here to help.

Too many rah-rah leadership books are written by academics with no real-world experience. Well here’s the unvarnished truth: Becoming an exceptional leader takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And here’s the good news: You can become an exceptional leader by developing your leadership skills.

A great place to start is by reading Eva Doyle’s book, The Reluctant Leader.

Leap into the Lake

Hear Eva’s signature story, also featured in her book The Reluctant Leader