This leadership keynote speaker offers guidance for technical experts and emerging leaders to become EXCEPTIONAL leaders

Keynote Topic #1:

Imagine the possibilities: Develop your leadership skills so you have more control, more influence, more contribution

Throughout history, technology has had a transformational effect on human beings. Think about this: How much more could we achieve if we had exceptional leadership at all levels in the technological realm in every organization? What could we accomplish if our leaders knew how to nurture people – and their ideas? Packed with practical advice, this inspiring presentation is perfect for opening/closing keynotes and lunch/dinner keynotes. 

Leadership keynote speaker Eva Doyle will guide technical experts and emerging leaders to:

  • Recognize the impact of “soft” skills on technological advances – “soft” skills enable you to persuade, influence, and lead others to understand and embrace your ideas
  • Identify the leadership skills you need to develop to make the possibilities happen
  • Commit to at least one action step toward achieving your own possibilities in leadership to have more control, more influence, more contribution.

Keynote Topic #2:

Making the Identity Shift: How to Transition from Technical Expert to Exceptional Leader

One of the most important – and challenging – things that new leaders need to master is the ability to view themselves as leaders. This is a seismic shift in mindset. If you are a new leader, you are not simply a technical expert with a few more administrative duties. Making this identify shift is important if you want to put forth ideas that get heard and gain the influence to get things done.

As a new or emerging leader, you CAN make this “seismic shift” transition into a leadership role, whether you are considering stepping up or already have. The key is gaining a clear perspective of the leadership role and responsibilities, being willing to learn new behaviors, and understanding why it’s vital to make this shift in your identity. Backed by decades of leadership experience – and hard-won insights –leadership keynote speaker Eva Doyle, MBA presents real-world guidance for technical experts and emerging leaders seeking to become exceptional leaders.

Participants will:

  • Clearly identify key differences between experts and leaders
  • Map a transition plan to move from technical expect to effective leader
  • Commit to immediately implementing at least one action step to become a better leader and influencer

Keynote Topic #3:

The Three L’s of Leadership: Real-World Learnings for Technical Experts and Emerging Leaders

What are the most essential skills of leadership? Liking, Listening, and Learning. Leaders must like the people they lead; this includes clearly understanding each individual’s strength and weakness. They must listen in such a way that others feel heard; this includes employees as well as bosses and customers. And leaders must be willing to keep learning, both to broaden their perspective and to model learning for their subordinates. In this insightful – and surprisingly humorous – discussion, leadership keynote speaker Eva Doyle, MBA offers practical guidance for technical experts and emerging leaders seeking to become more effective leaders.

Participants will be armed with new strategies to:

  • Objectively understand individual team members and the team as a unit, including learning how to manage a healthy level of tension rather than ignore conflict
  • Listen more attentively – without becoming a therapist!
  • Create a framework to increase your learning – and encourage team members to continuously learn

Help your group gain the skills to become
exceptional leaders.