Website Credits


Many thanks to the following:


  • Patrice Rhoades-Baum for her website copy and even more for her superb listening skills.  Yes, I have an MBA in marketing, but decided not to be my own surgeon.
  • Lauren Graphics for their website design.  I love to tinker with web stuff, but I know I don’t have a good design eye (like this page, for example, which I did…).  I needed people who have one.  This website is WordPress / Divi by Elegant Themes.
  • John Armato of Armato Photography.  HIs pictures of me are on the home page, Speaking page, Event Planner page, and on my one-sheet.  He made me feel so comfortable and taught me to squint like Clint Eastwood for credibility.
  • Deanna Hurt of Deanna Hurt Photography.  Her pictures appear on the second slider of the home page, Meet Eva, Event Planner Page, Contact, and the orange flip flops on this page.  I’m going to find a more prominent spot for them soon.
  • Title photography on each page were taken by me in various locations from our travels.
    • Meet Eva – acoustic baffles on the ceiling of the Royal Albert Hall, London
    • Speaking – sheep on a portion of Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland, England
    • Consulting – Aspen leaves in September in the Rockies, Colorado
    • Books – a path in the Lake District, England
    • Media – a palace on the island of Malta
    • Contact – the boats are from a lake in Norway.  Or maybe Alaska.  But I’m pretty sure it’s Norway.
    • Blog – All posts written by me.  Most pictures taken by me.
      • Prepare to Show You Care – Murphy in the snow
      • 7 Way to Move a Mountain of E-mail – the Maroon Bells in Colorado (it’s obligatory to take a picture of the Maroon Bells if you live in Colorado)
      • Spider in the Water Bowl – a spider from a wildlife park in Australia.  Thank goodness I did not find that in the water bowl.
      • What’s in Your Junk Pile – stock photography sourced by Lauren Graphics.  I should take a picture of my desk.
  • All mistakes are mine.